2022 General Election: FF in ‘our’ blood, party did not leave anyone behind

FijiFirst candidate, Elaine Chandra. Picture: Supplied.

YOUNG people are more empowered to speak up now than ever before.

This, according to FijiFirst candidate Eliane Chandra. Speaking to residents of Davuilevu during a party rally on Tuesday night, Ms Chandra said FijiFirst had done more for the advancement of youth than any other Government.

“People’s Alliance is saying we don’t have expression of freedom.

“In 1995, or 1992 young people were thought to be too green,” the 32-year-old said.

“In simple terms, we were told tum chota hain, mooh band karo aur waha jao baitho (you are too young, keep your mouth shut and sit there).

“Today, I’m 32. I’m standing here in front of the greatest leader and that is what he has given us.”

She said this extended towards provision of free education, youth empowerment and encouraging more women to work and join politics.

“I’m a 90s kid. My parents were struggling to make all ends, pay for school fees, then pay for the van fare, and if your parents are not able to pay, you were humiliated in school. Do you remember that? You were sent home because you could not pay fees.

“That psychological and emotional damage is still here. We all went through that, and now he’s (Sitiveni Rabuka) standing asking for a third shot.”

She said FijiFirst was in “our” blood and that the party did not leave anyone behind. The former schoolteacher also said that Mr Bainimarama would go down in history as the Prime Minister who brought about the greatest economic growth.

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